Digital Business Cards

Paper Business Cards Are A Dying Breed, Stick With The Times & Save Paper and Money By Having A DIGITAL Business Card For Your Valuable Clients.

A Business Card That Functions Like An App

Our Cards Have Most Of The Features That Are Available In Our Mobile Apps

Unlimited Amount Of Business Cards

You Will Be Able To Send Out As Many Digital Business Cards As You Would Like

Custom Design For Your Card

We Will Create A Custom Design For Your Digital Business Card That Fits Your Business Best

spread the word of your business

Lets Face It, Paper Business Cards Are Coming To An End. With Almost EVERYTHING Becoming Digital And Online Accesible, It Can Be Hard To Keep Up. Most Business Owners Biggest Fear When Handing Out Business Cards Are That They Will Only Collect Dust In Someones Wallet Or Find A New Home In A land Fill, Which Most Of The Time Is What Happens! Imagine Having A Business Card That Stays On Your Client’s Mobile Phone Home-screen Forever, One That They Can Share With Friends, Resort Back To For New Info On Your Business, Contact You Directly, See Menu’s, Listings And So Much More! 

Digital Business Cards Also Helps Weed Out The Bad Leads and Saves You Money In the Long Run. With A Digital Card, You No Longer Have To Worry That You Might See Your Paper Card Laying In The Street Or Collecting Dust In A Wallet Because It Is Now Downloaded On Their Mobile Phones Next To The Apps That They Use Everyday! RUBEN MEDIA LLC Are True Believers In Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, When They Are Going Through Their Apps And See Your Digital Business Card It Raises The Chances Dramatically Of Them Becoming A Repeat Customer And Bringing In New Clients Because They Have A Constant Reminder Of You Right On Their Home Screen.


RUBEN MEDIA LLC Creates Digital Business Cards For Almost Any Niche! Whether Your Business Is A Realtor, Insurance Agent, Mobile Detailing, Hair Stylist, Banker, Car Salesman, Etc. RUBEN MEDIA LLC Can Do It All.



We will work with you to come up with the perfect design for your digital business card free of charge! You can also use your own design if you would like.


You will be able to choose from a variety of our features to place onto your digital business card.

go live with your card

Once the design and features are finish and out the way, we will go live with your digital business card meaning it is posted to a website address of your choosing and is now available for all potential and current customers to see and download.

add digital business card to homescreen

Volia! Once your digital business card is live, you and your clients will be able to add your business card to their homescreen where it will function and look like a mobile app. Now watch all the business leads and repeat customers come in!


fall in love with our features

Direct Call & Directions

Customers will be able to call your business and get directions directly within your digital business card. This removes the hassle of searching for a business card or going through their contacts to find your number, and convince is KING!

Social Media & Youtube Integration

RUBEN MEDIA LLC can integrate your social media and youtube accounts directly into your digital business card. This will make it easier for your customers to find your pages much easier.

Send Payments

Customers can send you payments directly from your digital business card! We can integrate Paypal, Square Payments, and more!

Listings & Image Galleries

If you are a Real Estate Agent, Car Salesman, Shop Owner, etc. you will be able to list products, services, packages and more within your digital business card. Our Digital Business Cards also offer image galleries where you can post your photos/videos.

Custom Content Management System

RUBEN MEDIA LLC'S Mobile Apps & Digital Business Cards come with access to our "CMS". In the CMS, you can add features, change the design and images on your Digital Business Card.

Share Your Card

Our Digital Business Cards come with a built in share feature where you or your clients can send your cards to others, or post it to social media pages. Every Digital Business Card also comes with a QR CODE that you can print out to advertise your Digital Business Card.

Try it Yourself

Each Of Our Customers Will Receive A Digital Business Card Promotion Kit. This Includes Up To 5 Phone Mock Ups And A Poster/Table Tent Advertisement Kit Like The One Pictured. Take A Look At RUBEN MEDIA’S Digital Business Card On Your Mobile Phone!

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a plan that works best for you 




8 Features

Custom Design (one concept)

Direct Call Button

Direction Button

Umlimited Cards





10 Features

Custom Design (two concepts)

Direct Call Button

Direction Button

Umlimited Cards & 4 phone mock-ups





12 Features

Custom Design, Unlimited Concepts

Direct Call Button

Direction Button

Unlimited Cards 5 phone mock-ups



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Digital business cards

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