RUBEN MEDIA, LLC was founded in July 2020. Our dedicated tech team has worked under mypocket.net for 3 years and have earned our certificate and many awards from PocketDegree.com. We believe online media is an essential tool for just about any business, so we gathered a team of like-minded individuals with the skills needed to help businesses gain more customers, grow and make the difference you are destined to make in this world.  

A Social Media-Marketing Web Design & Mobile App Development Business

Our Story

RUBEN MEDIA LLC.  Is a north Texas located Online Media business. We specialize in Powerful Web design, SEO, Social Media-Marketing, and Mobile App Development. Our goal here at RUBEN MEDIA LLC. Is to be an effective tool in the future growth of your brand. Our energetic team spends hours upon hours learning new techniques and methods to optimize our performance in each skill that we have. 

We pride ourselves to having great attention to detail when it comes to creating A website, mobile app or social media marketing strategy for your business. Quality becomes one of the most crucial parts when seeking reaching qualified buyers and new partnerships. 

The RUBEN MEDIA LLC. team has an average of 7 years experience in  Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Mobile App Development. We have earned many certificates from Pocket Degree, LLC. 

Over the past decade, having a strong online presence has become a important key to have in the business world today. 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website, 26% checking out the physical store, and 23% of people talking with friends and family. (KPMG) With this being known, we put our ALL into our customers projects to ensure the growth of their business. 

Nothing satisfies us more than A job done well. When we help your business thrive, WE thrive! Talk to us today and take the first steps towards taking your business to the next level.  Take a look through our website to Learn More.

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Email: sales@rubenmedia.net
Phone: (214) 277-3433

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